How to get Tramadol out of your system

How to get Tramadol out of your system

How to get Tramadol out of your system

The process of getting Tramadol out of your system as soon as possible is something that people want to know how to do. You will find some tips below that will help you quickly and effectively clear Tramadol plus it’s metabolites out of your body. Before applying these tips, I recommend you reading this post to understand how long does Tramadol stay in your system.

** Safety and hypothetical efficacy should always be verified with a medical professional before implementing any of these suggestions.

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5 Tips to get Tramadol out of your system

1.Stopping Completely:

How to get Tramadol out of your system

Long-term ingestion of Tramadol can be extremely difficult to stop permanently.  But if you want the drug completely removed from your body, you must completely stop taking it.

Remember, the faster quitting the use of Tramadol is begun, the quicker your expectations of it being excreted from your body will be realized.

2.Body Fat Burning:

Being a lipophilic (fat loving) drug, Tramadol binds throughout your body to fat stores. The extent of Tramadol accumulation in your body may be significant if your percentage of body fat is high. Speedier detoxification and purging of Tramadol from fat stores is accomplished through burning body fat.

How to get Tramadol out of your system

3.Hydration Maintenance:

Elimination of Tramadol is via urination after being metabolized by the liver and processed by the kidneys. Faster clearance rates and excretion of drugs that are mainly excreted through urination are associated with high urinary flow rates.

Drinking lots of water makes sure an optimal flow rate is established and maintained.

How to get Tramadol out of your system

4.Urine Acidification:

You may wish to acidify your urine along with increasing your urinary flow rate. High pH (alkaline urine) in an individual tends to make them excrete drugs at a slower urinary flow rate, while those with a low pH (acidic urine) have a higher urinary flow rate with faster drug elimination.

Eating foods such as grains, cranberries, meats, etc., can increase the acidity of your urine. Acidosis can occur if you go overboard trying to acidify your urine.

How to get Tramadol out of your system

5.Activated Charcoal:

You may wish to try activated charcoal because Tramadol that is unmetabolized, or even its metabolites, may still be around in your system. My best supplement recommendation for antidepressant withdrawal is activated charcoal. Toxic remnants remaining in your stomach and intestines are bound up by the activated charcoal making sure your body eliminates them.