Can you take Tramadol with Suboxone

can you take tramadol with suboxone

can you take tramadol with suboxone

Are you now taking Tramadol with Suboxone ? If you are, you should take time to read this post to learn about the potential interactions of the two medical drugs.

Suboxone contains 2 active ingredients which are Buprenorphine and Naloxone. Buprenorphine Is an opioid partial agonist Naloxone is a chemical blocker and it stops and reverses the effects of other narcotics. When Buprenorphine is administered to an opioid addicted person while a full opioid agonist is in the bloodstream, it actually blocks the effects of the full opioid because buprenorphine will compete to bind to the opioid receptors and win. It then “knocks off” other opioids and enters that receptor, preventing other opioids from attaching to it.

Therefore, Suboxone blocks opioid based medications and Tramadol is one of that medications. For your information, Opiates are medications primarily intended to relieve pain. These drugs work by blocking the pain signals sent to the brain; they affect the area of the brain responsible for controlling emotion, which lessens the effect of painful stimulus.

So finally, can you take Tramadol with Suboxone ?

You can take it, but it won’t help much, because the Suboxone will block Tramadol. As I explained in the beginning of article, when you are consuming Suboxone, it will minimize the effects of Tramadol completely. The usage of high doses of Tramadol will not work.

In order to get full effectiveness of Tramadol, you should stop using Suboxone for several days before using Tramadol. Complete blocking of opiates continues 24 hours after your last take of Suboxone. Partial blocking of opiates continues after another 64 hours. They are safe to use together, but pointless in theory. It is a waste of time and money.

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